Corneal Disease — Early prevention is the key to life-long vision.

     Medical and surgical management is offered for patients with disorders involving the front surface of the eye. This includes the cornea or clear window of the eye, the conjunctiva or lining inside the eyelids, and the sclera or white covering of the eye.

Special services include:

•  Corneal transplant surgery - replaces the central cornea with live donor tissue.
•  Computerized corneal topography - precisely maps the curvature of the cornea.
•  Pterygium removal - removes a scar-like growth on the surface of the eye.
•  Treatment of infectious diseases of the eye's surface.

•  Surgical treatment of corneal and conjunctival ulcers and other disorders.
•  Corneal and scleral wound repairs - treats damaged cornea and scleral tissue.
•  Treatment of dry eyes and blepharitis.
•  Entropion and ectropion surgery - corrects eyelids that turn inward and outward.