Retinal Disorders — As technology advances, new possibilities surface.

     Pacific EyeCare is a special eye care facility that offers diagnostic services and laser treatment. The retina is the transparent tissue that lines the back inside wall of the eye. Early detection and treatment of retinal problems can often prevent further deterioration or loss of vision.

Specialized services:

• Fundus photography of the retina.
• Fluorescein angiography photos taken as dye passes through retinal blood vessels.
• A and B scan ultrasonography to measure the length of the eye, and graph the surface of the retina.

• Laser photocoagulation to treat diabetic retinopathy, seal hemorrhaging blood vessels in the retina, and slow the growth of new abnormal vessels.
• Laser photocoagulation treat various circulation problems in the retina.
• Laser photocoagulation to treat retinal breaks, and potential detachments.

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